New API function for an Intuitive Overview Panel

The new API function getReviewScores is available today for Partners. This function allows you to have a list of the number of reviews analyzed divided by score (positive, neutral and negative) for every single source available. The getReviewScores function is useful for those who want to develop a smart and intuitive overview panel with the […]

Competitors Analysis for the API integration

We have just released the new Competitors Analysis module also for the API platform available to our Partners. The Competitors Analysis module is enabled to hotels that use the Professional subscription plan.In details, two new functions are available for the API integration: getCompetitors and getCompetitorScores. The getCompetitors function is useful to get all the competitors […]

Competitors Analysis: the new feature to be more competitive!

We have just released a new feature: the Competitor Analysis module! AboutMyHotel allows you to compare your hotel with other competitors on the main travel portals and social networks such as TripAdvisor,, Expedia,, Google My Business and Facebook. The analysis is done by comparing the scores recorded such as overall average rating, number […]

New AboutMyHotel API Update

We just released an update for AboutMyHotel API.This update contains improvements and the new function getSourceScores useful for our Partners. In details, thanks to the getSourceScores function, you can get the main scores from the travel portals day-by-day for each of your hotel’s subscription.The scores included the main rating, number of likes, followers, cleanliness value, […]

AboutMyHotel at TTG Incontri

On 9, 10 and 11 October Rimini Exhibition Center, Italy, will host the fair TTG / TTI, the most important international event dedicated to the B2B sector in the tourism sector with the participation of more than 50,000 visitors. Our company will use this occasion to present AboutMyHotel, the online reputation management tool for hotels […]