Introducing the Affiliate Center

The staff at AboutMyHotel is pleased to present the Affiliate Center, a new system completely dedicated to partners, who want to offer our service in their web apps and software. At AboutMyHotel we believe that all-in-one tools have undoubted cost- and time-saving benefits. For this reason we created the Affiliate Center, the first and only […]

Tools into your Account Center

A new section has been added to tha AboutMyHotel Account Center: Tools! Reputation Ranking Widget Right now we released the first tool: the Reputation Ranking Widget. It’s an index with values from 0 to 10 displaying the users satisfaction and reputation ranking for each single hotel. The values indicated in the Reputation Ranking are based […]

Partnership between AboutMyHotel and BizPartner

A new partnership between AboutMyHotel and BizPartner Group! AboutMyHotel entered into a new collaboration with BizPartner Group to sell its services in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Through this collaboration hotel owners in these countries, who are interested in our service, will have the possibility of receiving direct advice and presentation on the […]

10 new sources for reputation monitoring added!

Today, just two months after the launch of AboutMyHotel, the first important update has been issued. The update allows you to monitor your hotel reputation on 10 new web sources for many different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian. Implementation of these new sources, which include Agodà, Atrapalo, Zoover and Yelp, allows […]

Few more days to try our free Trial subscription!

After the launch of November the 20th and getting close to Christmas and New Years Eve festivities, we decided to extend the deadline for the subscription of our free Trial up to the 6th of January. The extension of the deadline is applicable for those who have submitted before December the 20th and it will […]