Who can I contact to have technical assistance?
Technical assistance is provided via email. For assistance you can either send us an email at support@aboutmyhotel.com or fill in the online forms on the service website and in the Account Center.

Is there a phone number I can call?
Contact information, including phone numbers and working hours, can be found in the contacts page.

How can I set up the service?
Set up is not required! To use the service you simply need to log into your Account Center using the email address and password you chose when registering to the service.

What is the free Trial and how does it work?
The free Trial is a fully functional demo version of the service. It is completely free and lasts 1 day. To start your free trial, you simply need to sign up to the service. Signing up to the trial DOES NOT entail in any way an obligation to buy the service.

How can I keep the service active after the trial?
When your trial period (1day) expires, you only have to switch to a paid subscription plan through your Account Center.
When subscribing a paid plan you will be requested to indicate your personal data, including billing address and credit card number.

How much does the service cost?
The price of the service is calculated on a monthly or yearly basis, as listed in the chart on the dedicated page.

Is it possible to use the service on more than one computer?
The service can be used on every computer provided that it has a web browser, updated to the latest version, and an Internet connection.

Is it possible to use the service with a tablet or smartphone?
The service interface has been developed to adapt to various devices having a web browser and an Internet connection.

How can I access data using my account?

Just log into your Account Center using your email and password. Only registered users can access the service.

How can I buy the service?
The service can be bought directly online logging into your Account Center. The purchase is made via credit card.

Which methods of payment are available?
Payments are made via credit card and are charged according to the type of plan you bought (monthly/annual). The service ensures the safe management and handling of sensitive data, included data about payments, using 256-bit encryption certified by GeoTrust.

How are payments billed?
The price of the service does not include any tax or fee, which will be calculated according to the tax system of the customer’s country. Invoices are issued after reception of payment.

Where can I access invoices and statements for my account?
In the Account Center, select “Orders and Payments”.

How can I renew my subscription to the service and how payments are done?
Renewal of the service and all connected payments are made automatically on a periodic basis as indicated in the purchase order and subscription. If you don’t want to renew the subscription and subsequent payments, we recommend you to cancel future payments relating to the order (see Account Center, section “Cancel payments”) at least 48 hours before the date of the scheduled payment.

How can I cancel an order?
To cancel your order log into the Account Center, select “Orders & Payments” and then the order to be cancelled. Click on “Cancel Payments” to confirm.

How can I delete my account?
It is possible to delete an account through the Account Center. 
Cancellation requests by e-mail or telephone will not be taken into consideration. Pursuant to the cancellation request all orders and related payments will be cancelled and deleted together with all information about the subscription and personal data.
 Cancelled and deleted information cannot be retrieved.

Is there any refund in case of cancellation of an order?
Refund can be requested within the first 10 days from the first payment of each order. There is no refund for payments after the first payment of each order. You can also suspend the service and the related payments of each order, at any time, via the Account Center.

Is it possible to use one account for more than one hotel?
Yes! For each account you can pass multiple orders with different subscriptions for individual hotels.

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