About Us

AboutMyHotel is a young and dynamic company, always looking for new challenges to meet.

It was established in Rimini, Italy as a start-up at the beginning of 2012 thanks to the experience and professional background of its founders.
The mission of the company is the creation of new services in the web sector to help users with practical, easy to use, technological tools.

The “instruction manual” of a technological service should never be complicated or difficult to understand.
On the contrary, it should be simple, understandable and easy to use.

That’s why all the AboutMyHotel staff think that listening to customers and their needs are the main ingredient for success.

AboutMyHotel has been developed as the answer to a specific need!

It was necessary to supply hotel owners and managers with a useful and practical tool to rapidly and exhaustively consult and analyse their hotel online reputation.

In the last years guests’ opinions have become more and more important and can influence how other guests choose an hotel for their holidays or business trips. Every single detail, from room cleanliness to breakfast service and staff professionalism, can be rated on dedicated portals and websites.

AboutMyHotel is an innovative tool, which allows to monitor hotel and accommodation facilities online reputation. The application scans all the most important portals, social media e websites, analysing reviews, ratings, images and video.
AboutMyHotel results from the desire to give hotel owners and managers the opportunity to obtain a complete screening of their hotel.
Just think about the importance of correcting and improving a service that received a negative review!

Thanks to AboutMyHotel intuitive and easy-to-consult interface suitable for all users, regardless of their age, language or level of IT knowledge, the team is about to launch on the market a tool which will revolutionize online reputation monitoring and analysis!

AboutMyHotel won the first prize at the 11th Businnes Plan Competition organized by Nuove Idee Nuove Imprese in Rimini, Italy.